Terms and conditions

Please read our terms carefully and contact us if you wish to discuss.

These booking conditions form the basis of your short term holiday rental agreement between us (referred to as Wressle Grange) and the person making the booking and all guests who form part of the holiday party (referred to as you). 

Nothing in these booking conditions affects your normal statutory rights.

Making your booking

When you book the property with us you should complete the booking form together with your payment for the initial deposit. Please note that the initial deposit is only refundable if you cancel your booking within five days of receiving our confirmation of your booking, please check your Spam/junk mail if you don’t receive this. The party leader must be aged 25 or over at the time of booking. The booking form must list all guest names and addresses of your party. In line with GDPR regulations any sensitive information is kept for 1 week after your stay with us and then credit card details are destroyed. We never pass on information to third parties.

Your booking is made as a consumer for the purpose of a holiday and you acknowledge that no liability can be accepted for any business losses suffered or incurred by you.

Once the completed booking form and the initial deposit have been received and accepted by us, we will issue you with our written or email confirmation. The contract between us will only be formed when we send you our written confirmation and is subject to these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to refuse any booking prior to the issue of our written confirmation. If we do this we will promptly refund any money you have paid to us.

You should carefully check the details of our written confirmation and inform us immediately of any errors or omissions.

No person in excess of the number agreed at the time of reservation may occupy the property. Breach of this rule will terminate the contract without recompense to the client.

No smoking or naked flames (candles/matches etc) allowed in any of the properties. No vaping is allowed in any of the properties. You will be charged for additional cleaning if we find that guests have smoked on the premises.


You are required to send to us your payment for the balance of the rental at least eight weeks prior to the arrival date as set out in our written confirmation. If you fail to make a payment due to us in full and on time we may treat your booking as cancelled by you.

Cancellation/amending your booking

If you need to cancel or amend your booking you must telephone us on the number shown on our written confirmation as soon as possible.

You will also be required to confirm your cancellation in writing or by email to the addresses shown on our written confirmation. A cancellation will not take effect until we receive written confirmation from you.

If you cancel your booking less than four weeks prior to the arrival date, we reserve the right to retain the initial deposit and the rental. If we are able to secure an alternative booking for the property; in these circumstances we will refund the rental (less deposit & any additional costs incurred).

You are responsible for your own cancellation and holiday insurance.  We strongly advise you have cover in place.

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel the reservation due to circumstances beyond our control, we will provide a full refund of monies paid. No further financial claims will be considered.

The accommodation

Accommodation is available to check in from 16.00 hours on the arrival date of your holiday. You must leave by 10.00 hours on the departure date. A late check out charge of £25 will be charged for every half hour, per cottage/house, after this time to late departures.

Breakages will be charged or taken from your deposit.

If your arrival will be delayed, you must contact us so that alternative arrangements can be made. If you fail to do so you may not be able to gain access to the property. If you fail to arrive by midday on the day after the arrival date and you do not advise us of your late arrival we may treat the booking as having been cancelled by you.

Any left property will be returned following receipt of a pre-paid address label. Royal Mail and Hermes offer a good service and the label can be e-mailed to us.

For stays in excess of 1 week we will provide clean linen and towels. We will agree the timing with you. It is sometimes possible to arrange to have cottages cleaned during a stay, please discuss if this is something you would like.

Please ensure that you have arranged your own travel insurance, as we do not provide this.

We are a working arable farm. Please do not enter the farm, there is clear signage. Children MUST be accompanied/supervised at all times. The public footpath is also used by farm vehicles. The farmyard itself is strictly out of bounds for your own safety.


We shall not be liable to you or your party for loss or damage to property howsoever arising. You must take all necessary steps to safeguard yourselves and your property including your vehicles and contents.


  • You agree to not use the property except for the purpose of holiday. The agreement to stay in the property does not create the relationship of Landlord and Tenant.
  • Please respect other guests and keep noise to a minimum after 10.00pm. We reserve the right to terminate the visit of any person whose conduct is detrimental to the comfort of others, without recompense.
  • You agree to comply with the Regulations and any other regulations reasonably made from time to time and ensure that they are observed by all members of your party.
  • You agree to leave the property, furnishings, kitchen equipment, crockery, glasses, clean and in good condition. Leave the cooker in a clean condition, empty the bin and put the dishwasher on. To leave the key in the patio door. If lost you will be charged for a replacement. Bedding and towels to be left in good condition.
  • You agree not to cause any damage to the walls, doors or windows of the property nor to do anything that may be reasonably considered to cause a nuisance or annoyance to us or to any other occupier of adjoining or neighbouring properties.
  • You agree to take all necessary steps to safeguard your personal property. No liability to you is accepted in respect of damage to or loss of such property, except where the damage or loss is caused by our negligence.
  • You cannot allow more people to stay in the property than expressly authorised (4 in each cottage, 14 in the Farmhouse) nor can you significantly change the makeup of the party during your stay in the property, nor can you take your pet into the property unless it has been arranged in advance (Annabel’s Abode only) and it is shown on your confirmation. If you do so, we can refuse to hand over the property to you, or can require you to leave it. We will treat any of these circumstances as a cancellation of the booking by you.

You agree to allow us or any representative of ours access at any reasonable time during your stay for the purpose of essential repairs.

Electric cars

We do not have a charging station for cars, we are looking into this.  Please do not charge cars via our electric sockets.  They are not suitable, may create a fire hazard and we are not insured for this.


Annabel’s Abode is allowed one dog by prior agreement.  Do not leave unattended and must stay downstairs and out of the bedrooms.  All other properties (Rusty’s Retreat, George’s Gaff and Grange Farmhouse) do not allow dogs to stay. If you bring dog(s) we reserve the right to cancel the booking.


We may ask you or members of your party to leave immediately if your conduct is considered by us to infringe our rules or impair the enjoyment or safety of other guests. No refunds will be given in these circumstances

All our properties are non smoking. We reserve the right to charge a £50 fine plus additional cleaning costs if it is found that you or any member of the group has been smoking within the accommodation.

Wressle Grange is owned & operated by GP & FC Foster, Intake Farm, Wressle, Selby, YO8 6EU.


Please do inform us as soon as possible if you have a complaint with your accommodation or if you find that anything is faulty within the accommodation that needs our attention, so that we can assist and repair or make alternative arrangements. Due to the limited period of hire, it may not be possible to repair such items during the period of hire.

If any complaint cannot be resolved during your holiday, you must write to us with full details within 28 days of the end of it.


The contract between you and us is governed by the law of England and Wales and we both agree that any dispute, matter or other issue which arises between us will be dealt with by the Courts of England and Wales.


Wi-Fi is provided for free and subject to availability.  We cannot guarantee a consistent service, please read the terms if you intend to ‘log on’.

WiFi and internet usage terms and conditions

Please read through our terms and conditions regarding internet usage

  1. Extent of the Service

    1. We do not recommend in particular the use of any websites (or other internet related services) (“Internet Services”) and your use of Internet Services is carried out entirely at your own risk.

    2. We have no responsibility for, or control over, the Internet Services you access and do not guarantee that any services are error or virus free.

    3. We have no responsibility for, or control over, the information you transmit or receive via the Service.

    4. Save for the purposes of network diagnostics we do not examine the use to which you put the Service or the nature of the information you send or receive.

    5. We do not guarantee:
      1. the availability of the Service;
      2. the speed at which information may be transmitted or received via the Service; or
      3. that the Service will be compatible with your equipment or any software which you use.

    6. Whilst we take reasonable steps to ensure the security of the Service and to prevent unlawful access to information transmitted or received using the Service, we do not guarantee the security of the information which you may transmit or receive using the Service or located on any equipment utilising the Service and you accept that it is your responsibility to protect your information and have adequate security (in terms of equipment and procedures) to ensure the security, integrity and confidentiality of your information and data.

    7. We reserve the right at all times to withdraw the Service, change the specifications or manner of use of the Service, to change access codes, usernames, passwords or other security information necessary to access the service.

  2. Your Use of the Service

    1. You must not use the Service to access Internet Services, or send or receive e-mails, which:
      1. are defamatory, threatening, intimidatory or which could be classed as harassment;
      2. contain obscene, profane or abusive language or material;
      3. contain pornographic material (that is text, pictures, films, video clips of a sexually explicit or arousing nature);
      4. contain offensive or derogatory images  regarding sex, race, religion, colour, origin, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition or sexual orientation;
      5. contain material which infringe third party’s rights (including intellectual property rights);
      6. in our reasonable opinion may adversely affect the manner in which we carry out our business; or
      7. are otherwise unlawful or inappropriate;

    2. Music, video, pictures, text and other content on the internet are copyright works and you should not download, alter, e-mail or otherwise use such content unless certain that the owner of such works has authorised its use by you.

    3. We may terminate or temporarily suspend the Service if we reasonably believe that you are in breach of any provisions of this agreement including but not limited to clauses 2.1 to 2.3 above.

    4. We recommend that you do not use the service to transmit or receive any confidential information or data and should you choose to do so you do so at your own risk.

    5. The Service is intended for consumer use only. In the event that you use the Service for commercial purposes we would specifically refer you to clause 5.2 below.

  3. Criminal Activity

    1. You must not use the Service to engage in any activity which constitutes or is capable of constituting a criminal offence, either in the United Kingdom or in any state throughout the world.

    2. You agree and acknowledge that we may be required to provide assistance and information to law enforcement, governmental agencies and other authorities.

    3. You agree and acknowledge that we may keep a log of the Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses of any devices which access the Service, the times when they have accessed the Service and the activity associated with that IP address.

    4. You further agree we are entitled to co-operate with law enforcement authorities and rights-holders in the investigation of any suspected or alleged illegal activity by you which may include, but is not limited to, disclosure of such information as we have (whether pursuant to clause 3.3 or otherwise), and are entitled to provide by law, to law enforcement authorities or rights-holders.

  4. Our Use of your Information

    1. Subject to clauses 3.3 and 3.4 above we confirm that we shall use the contact details you provide to us solely for the purposes of contacting you with marketing information, updates, promotions and special offers relating to our business;

  5. Other Terms

    1. You agree to compensate us fully for any claims or legal action made or threatened against us by someone else because you have used the service in breach of these terms and conditions, and in particular clause 2.1 to 2.3 and 3.1 above.

    2. Whilst we do not seek to limit our responsibility for fraudulent misrepresentation or if you are injured or die as a result of our negligence we have no  responsibility (to the extent permitted by law) to compensate you (whether or not we are negligent) for any direct financial loss, loss of profit, revenue, time, anticipated savings or profit or revenue, opportunity, data, use, business, wasted expenditure, business interruption, loss arising from disclosure of confidential information, loss arising from or in connection with use of the service or inability to use or access the service or a failure, suspension or withdrawal of all or part of the service at any time or damage to physical property or for any other similar direct loss that may arise in relation to this agreement whether or not we were advised in advance of the possibility of such loss or damage.

    3. We agree that neither this agreement does not allow either party to act as, or hold themselves out as, acting as an agent of the other party and that that the terms of this agreement are not enforceable by a third party under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

    4. This agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales and is subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


I confirm that by booking accommodation at Wressle Grange, I accept these terms and conditions.